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Indonesia Negative of Corona Virus Cases, Here are the WHO Warning

This condition makes Indonesia still safe from the threat of Corona virus outbreaks that spread from Wuhan, China.
Ilustrasi - Coronavirus - Until now a Corona virus case has not been confirmed found in Indonesia. Some news of patients treated for suspected corona virus in several hospitals also confirmed still negative.

This condition makes Indonesia still safe from the threat of Corona virus outbreaks that spread from Wuhan, China.

But on the other hand, the absence of Corona virus cases in Indonesia worries some experts. Especially if the possibility of the virus spreading without being detected.

Epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch at Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health was quoted from Voanews (02/08/2020) as saying Thailand had reported 25 cases of the Corona virus. However, according to him, the number could be more.

While Cambodia, according to him also has the potential to have more cases than is now reported as many as one person infected with the Corona virus

WHO warning

WHO representative in Indonesia, Dr. Navaratnasamy Paranietharan said that Indonesia had taken concrete steps including screening at international borders and preparing hospitals for potential cases.

Even so, he said there were still many things that must be prepared by Indonesia ranging from supervision, detection to facility preparation related to the scenario in case of an outbreak. 

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"The availability of special test kits to confirm coronavirus this week is a significant step in the right direction," he said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald (02/07/2020).

Previously, Indonesia was highlighted because it had not yet received the special test equipment needed to be able to quickly detect a new type of corona virus.

So far, Indonesian medical authorities have relied on pan-coronavirus tests that can detect all corona virus relatives. 

However, the test requires gene sequencing to determine whether it is the Wuhan corona virus or not. All these tests have taken five days.

"We (WHO) are concerned that Indonesia has not reported any confirmed cases," said Dr Navaratnasamy.

"But we have been convinced by the relevant authorities that laboratory testing has worked well," he added. (*) 

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