Prevent The Spread of Corona Virus, I Hotel Batam Install Thermal Scanner

The spread of Corona virus become concern to many people in Batam, including I Hotel Batam. The hotel began to anticipate with install thermal scanner

Prevent The Spread of Corona Virus, I Hotel Batam Install Thermal Scanner
One of hotel visitors in Batam is getting body temperature check with a thermal scanner, Friday (02/07/2020). - The spread of Corona virus has become the attention of many parties.

One of them is business people in the hotel world, such as one of hotels in Batam, I Hotel Batam.

Since the news of Corona virus spreading out to public, the hotel began to anticipate its spread by installing a thermal scanner.

"Since Chinese New Year, we have started to install. Moreover, there are indeed many tourist visits from China," said one security officer, Agus told to TribunBatam, Friday (02/07/2020).

He said, every tourist must pass the temperature gauge test first.

"If the body temperature is 38 degrees Celsius and above, there is attention from us. Later I will immediately take it to management for further efforts," he continued.

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Meanwhile, Executive Head of Sales and Marketing I Hotels, Dita said that foreign tourist arrivals began to decline.

The decrease was very significant to reach 20 percent.

"Normally we can 100 percent for a full day. But now only 70 percent," he said.

Not only that, many hotel guests from several countries have also canceled their tour itineraries to Batam.

"There are from China, Vietnam, and Japan. This is certainly our concern, hopefully the development of this virus can be found a solution," continued Dita.

Dita also explained, every guest at his hotel was also carried out checking with a thermal scanner first.

If his body temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius, he will immediately bring the guest to Batam City Government referral hospital.

"In case, we also prepare a special room if conditions are not possible while waiting for the hospital to come to hotel. Maybe this situation is only for guests whose conditions are showing signs of severe," he concluded. (

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