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Anticipating of Corona Virus in Batam Port, BUP Director Holds a Coordination Meeting

Anticipating the spread of the Corona Novel (nCoV) virus to Batam through access to sea transportation.. here's the details information.

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The atmosphere of the Port Business Entity coordination meeting with related parties, anticipating the entry of the corona virus in Batam port, BATAM - Anticipating the spread of the Corona Novel (nCoV) virus to Batam through access to sea transportation, the Director of the Port Business Entity (BUP) Nelson Idris held a coordination meeting with stakeholders on Monday (10/02/2020) at the BUP Office, Sekupang.

This coordination meeting was attended by the Head of the Port Health Office (KKP), the Head of the Sailing Safety (Kabid) Section, the Safeguard and Law Enforcement (Gakkum) of the special KSOP of Batam, the Medical Services Manager of the Batam RSBP, the KSO representative of the International Port Manager, and the Administrative and Control Coordinators at the international terminal. 

The coordination meeting was opened with a video screening of the handling of nCoV virus at dr. Kariadi Semarang Hospital. Through the video, Nelson said that the stakeholders in the International terminal which are the entry points for Foreign Citizens (WNA) to Indonesia through Singapore and Malaysia must also be prepared in anticipating the spread of the virus. 

Responding to that, the Head of Batam KKP, dr. Achmad Farhani said that until now there has been no official report on positive cases of the Corona Novel virus in Indonesia.

Regarding the news of the six suspects who entered through Harbor Bay port to Tanjung Pinang, dr. Achmad said that the data he collected found not only six, but seven family members who took an excursion to Seoul then headed for Singapore and entered Indonesia through Harbor Bay port.  

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To anticipate the spread of the Corona Novel virus in international ports in Batam, he has prepared a body temperature detector, both a thermal scanner and a thermal gun at the port arrival gate.

In addition, ferry passengers are also given a health alert card to monitor their health condition while in Indonesia. In the health alert card itself, it is stated that if within 14 days of arrival to Indonesia and passengers experience symptoms of fever, coughing and shortness of breath they are advised to immediately go to the hospital or health center and show the card. 

He also appealed to the public to maintain endurance because this virus can be driven by strong body immunity. In addition, the Ministry of Health also continues to promote the importance of Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS), regular exercise and wearing masks if they feel that they are not fit. 

To speed up handling, Batam KKP, Achmad said, opened a call center that could be contacted by officers at the port if they found passengers who were suspected of having symptoms of the Corona Novel Virus, number +62813-788-677-71

In addition to anticipating the spread of the Corona Novel Virus in the passenger terminal, the KKP also made countermeasures at the goods terminal. The Head of Batam KKP's Quarantine and Surveline Division, Dr. Romer Simanungkalit, cargo ships coming from China must dock at the coordinates of the Quarantine Zone in accordance with regulations set by the Ministry of Transportation. 

On the same occasion, Dr. Muhammad Yanto as the Medical Services Manager of Batam Hospital RSBP gave a presentation related to the preparation of RSBP Batam in handling patients with suspected corona. He said that the RSBP had a special isolation room which in 2003 was used to deal with the SARS outbreak. In that room, the suspect corona patient will be treated without having to be placed in the Emergency Unit. 

The coordination meeting was closed with a discussion between port stakeholders to equalize views and attitudes in preventing the spread of the Corona Novel Virus at the port. ( Uly Sianturi) 

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