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Corona Virus Called as the Invisible Enemy, 5 KRI Standby to Guard the Border Between Countries

A total of 5 Republic of Indonesia (KRI) ships were alerted at the border of interstate waters. See the details..
Illustration of KRI TNI AL - A total of 5 Republic of Indonesia ships or called (Kapal Republik Indonseia (KRI)) were alerted at the border of interstate waters.

This is done as an effort to prevent the entry of the Corona virus into Indonesia through people who have been infected or suspect.

The KRI was alerted at a number of interstate borders, including the Riau Islands because several lanes were the entrances of Singapore and Malaysia.

While the two countries have released cases of positive citizens affected by the corona virus. 

The Invisible enemy

Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command I (Pangkogabwilhan I) Vice Admiral Yudo Margono said the Corona virus is an invisible enemy.

While the Riau Islands as a route in and out, need to get strict supervision.

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"Currently the Riau Islands' waters have been warned, so surveillance and operations continue to be carried out, because the enemy being opposed is an enemy that is invisible to the naked eye," Yudo said. 

Vigilance in Riau Islands is not without reason. Because the city of Batam, Riau Islands has been the entrance and exit of Singapore and Malaysia.

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Yudo also oversees the hidden ports in the area which have the potential to become the entry point for the virus. 

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