Again, Black Oil Waste Contaminate Coastal at Pengudang Bintan Village

Black oil waste (sludge oil) again pollutes the coast of Pengudang Village, Bintan. Nearly 2 kilometers of the coast at Pengudang Village was polluted

Again, Black Oil Waste Contaminate Coastal at Pengudang Bintan Village
Sludge oil waste that pollutes the entire coast of Pengudang area, Sebong Bay District, Bintan, Monday (02/17/2020) - Still in the north wind season, black oil waste (sludge oil) again pollutes the coast of Pengudang Village, Bintan.

As a result, nearly 2 kilometers of the coast at Pengudang Village was polluted.

This waste oil does not seem to stop polluting the coastline at Bintan Regency in the north wind season.

The waste was seen polluting the coastline to damage some fishing gear such as floating fish breeding, nets, including traps.

Not only in Pengudang, waste pollution is also affecting coastal areas in Senggiling.

Tourist attractions in resorts and mangrove are also affected.

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The manager of mangrove tour in Pengudang, Iwan said the pollution of black oil waste had entered mangrove tourism sites that he managed.

This made Iwan feel ashamed to open his business place, because it was contaminated with waste.

"I feel ashamed to the tourists who come to see the black waste, when I introduce this mangrove tour," said Iwan, Monday (02/17/2020).

Iwan said, the condition of black oil waste pollution in the Inviting Village at this time was very severe.

The reason is, up to 2 kilometers black oil waste pollutes the coast of Pengudang Village.

"Before black oil waste polluted the coast of Pengudang Beach, fishermen had seen something floating in the water," he said.

He said, until now these wastes are still polluting the coast.

Iwan hopes that the government or related agencies will immediately intervene to handle and clean up the black oil waste.

"Let there be handling from the government. The problem is that so far the waste storage drums are only given to resorts, if there are no affected villages," he concluded. ( Simamora)

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