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Will Natuna back of Being an Observation Place Volume 2 for Hundreds of WNI from Yokohama?

Observation volume 2 is 'rumored' to be re-taking place in Natuna.A number of preparation have been made by the central government.Here's the details.

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Japan Quarantine around 3,711 passengers and crew of The Diamond Princess cruises. (YouTube screenshot KyodoNews) - Observation volume 2 is rumored to be re-taking place in Natuna. A number of preparations have been made by the central government.

Hundreds of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who are on the Diamond Princess and Dream World ships will soon undergo a series of evacuation processes.

As many as 78 Indonesian Citizens on the Diamond Princess ship are being quarantined, and 209 Indonesian crew members of the Dream World who were isolated by Hong Kong will soon be brought to Indonesia.

From information compiled by, the MV Dream World ship carrying hundreds of Indonesian Citizens is currently in the high seas, Bintan, Riau Islands Province. While the MV Diamond Princess ship is currently anchored in Japan

Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Ministry of Health, Achmad Yurianto, when contacted said, for the pickup mechanism, he was still waiting for instructions from the president.

"There has been no order to pick up from the president. All activities are intended for preparation, if at any time there is an order for pickup, including Natuna," he said, Saturday (2/22/2020) afternoon. 

He continued, for both Diamond Princess and Dream World ships, the focus of the government was to pick up the Indonesian citizens who were inside.

It's just that the location where they will be observed is still waiting for instructions from the president. 

After Wuhan,Government Immediately Evacuate Indonesian Citizens on Diamond Princess Ship in Yokohama

"There are already 3 options for locations, namely Biak, Papua and Natuna. Nevertheless we are still waiting for orders from the president," he continued.

However, from these 3 locations, Natuna has become an option. Because a number of preparations owned facilities have been sufficient to carry out the observation of volume 2 after 238 Indonesian citizens who were declared negative after undergoing a series of observations at the Raden Sajad Airport, Natuna.

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