Corona Virus Impact, Batam Entrepreneurs Ask Government to Not Make Incriminating Rules

Osman Hasyim called on government not to make regulations that are actually burdensome while Corona virus outbreak. Because it's impact tourism visits
Give Explanation - Attorney Sinomart KTS Development Limited, EL Sajogo and PT West Point Terminal Director Osman Hasyim when interviewed by reporters on Thursday (2/2/2020) afternoon. - The impact of Corona virus in several regions in Indonesia began to be felt.

One of them is Batam City.

It is known, foreign tourists visiting Batam are decreased.

Head of Riau Islands Province Tourism Office Buralimar admitted this.

"This outbreak is very pronounced with tourism visits to Riau Islands. The impact is very declining tourist arrivals here," he said on Thursday (2/20/2020) then.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA) Batam, Osman Hasyim called on government not to make regulations that are actually burdensome.

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Osman said so far entrepreneurs have felt the effects of burdensome rules.

He gave an example, the Regulation of Minister of Finance for Republic Indonesia Number 199 / PMK.010 / 2019 impact that concerning Customs, Excise and Taxes on the Import of Shipment made economy of shipping entrepreneurs totally paralyzed.

"Whether it's Batam Government, BP Batam, provincial or central government, don't make weird policies.

Which actually makes the economy worse. The impact of Corona virus is quite pronounced.

Don't add more burdensome policies. Included in the field of shipyard shipping policy, "he said Friday (2/21/2020).

Instead, Osman asked the government to think about developing Batam's economy.

So, people feel it and unemployment decreases.

"If the pro-community policy, of course a positive impact on improving welfare," he said.

There have been many central and regional government policies so far in Batam, which have burdened Shipyard entrepreneurs. ( halawa)

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