Increasing Security, Sekupang Sector Police Install CCTV at Vulnerable Points

Sekupang Batam Sector Police installed Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at vulnerable points in Sekupang. Why Sekupang Sector Police did this? Polsek Sekupang
Workers install CCTV cameras in several areas at Sekupang. CCTV installation is an innovation made by Sekupang Sector Police. - Sekupang Batam Sector Police installed Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at some vulnerable points in Sekupang.

The CCTV installation is an innovation of Sekupang Sector Police to improving security in Sekupang region.

Sekupang police chief, AKP Ulil Rahim said the installation of CCTV camera was aimed at early detection of crime.

"Installation of CCTV is carried out at some vulnerable points that are difficult to know, however, access to camera is connected directly to Sekupang Sector Police," Ulil said, Friday (2/21/2020).

Ulil said the installation was carried out innovations in increasing security for Sekupang region.

"Later, CCTV will be able to provide information and visualization related to conditions around the community. So it provides guarantees of safety and comfort to residents," he said.

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According to him, later Sekupang blue batara personnel and Sekupang Tiger Team can immediately follow up if there are events that are monitored by CCTV cameras.

Furthermore, CCTV installation can find out early if there is illegal racing, prone to traffic jams, and other positive benefits.

CCTV cameras were installed at some vulnerable points in Sekupang was appreciated by Sekupang residents.

"In addition to being monitored directly at Sekupang Police Station, CCTV is also connected to patrol car of Sekupang Police Sector and mobile phones for operational team," Ulil added.

Zainal, a resident, welcomed CCTV installation in a number of places.

This can provide immediate information when there is a crime, police officers quickly find out.

"We hope that with CCTV, police can always monitor the condition and security situation in some areas. Starting from traffic jam, identification of motorized road users and many more," he said. ( Anjasfianto)

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