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Negative Corona, 12 Ship Crew Quarantined in the Middle of the Sea will Sent Home on Saturday (7/3)

These 12 crew members will meet the family soon after being declared negative from corona virus exposure (covid-19). See the details.

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri | Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Head of Batam City Port Health Department (KKP) Class 1, Achmad Farchanny - A total of 12 ship crew members (ABK) who were quarantined on the ship by the Port Health Department (KKP) class 1 Batam City will be discharged soon on Saturday (7/3/2020).

These 12 crew members will meet the family soon after being declared negative from Corona virus exposure (covid-19).

It was said by the Head of Batam City Class 1 KKP, Achmad Farchanny to, Thursday (05/03/2020) that the quarantine period would  be soon over. 

"This is the 12th day they are undergoing quarantine. Only 2 days left, it means, tomorrow according to their incubation period will end soon and will be repatriated, "Achmad said. 

Achmad said the current condition of ABK who underwent a quarantine period in the ship was in good health and showed no signs of Covid-19 symptoms.

Currently it is waiting for the results of examination of specimens that have been sent to the Minister of Health Litbangkes. 

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Achmad mentioned the reason for his quarantine of 12 crew members on the sea, because they had a history of contact with foreigners who were tested positive for Covid-19.

"We check the ABK's health condition because there is a history of contact with people who are positively exposed to Covid-19," he said.

Not only the crew, even for the ship they brought also rested and spraying disinfectant.

The quarantine of the 12 crew members was due to a passenger whose initials VP visited Batam. After a few days returning to Singapore, he was tested positive for Covid-19

As a result, 12 crew members were inspected and observations had to be made. ( 

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