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Made Karimun Residents Rumble, Pieces of Human Body Found at Coastal Waves Area

Residents of Karimun were again shocked by the discovery of human body pieces. Here's Tebing Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner confirmation.

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Police bring body parts found at Coastal Area, Karimun, Saturday (07/03/2020) - Residents of Karimun were again shocked by the discovery of human body pieces.

Pieces of the body were first discovered by workers at coastal area of Karimun Gold Coast B, Coastal Area Ujung, Tebing District, Saturday (7/3/2020) afternoon.

His condition is no longer intact.

When found, only body parts of the abdomen to the legs.

Workers found pieces of body on the rock waves around 11.20 WIB.

The police get report directly to the scene.

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Body pieces were then brought by Karimun District Police Inafis team.

Tebing Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Fian Wibowo confirmed the findings of human body piece.

Fian said the condition of human body fragment was quite destroyed.

"That's right. Workers were found on site. The condition is only the stomach to the feet," said Fian. ( Putra)

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