Riau Islands Still Safe from Corona Virus Outbreak

Riau Islands (Kepri) and Singapore strengthened cooperation in dealing with Corona virus outbreaks. Riau Islands is still safe from Corona virus.

Illustration of Corona virus. - Riau Islands (Kepri) and Singapore strengthened cooperation in dealing with Corona virus outbreaks.

Supported by Ministry of Home Affairs, Riau Islands Provincial Government and Singapore in the near future will discuss about Covid-19 handling protocol, especially at the entrances and exits of the two regions.

The commitment was the result of a meeting between Acting Governor Isdianto, Consul General of Singapore for Riau Islands Mark Low and Director of Disaster Management and Fire Management of Ministry of Home Affairs Safrizal at the Millennium Hotel, Harbor Bay Batam, Friday (3/14/2020) yesterday.

"Intense cooperation between the two regions must continue. I hope this problem will be resolved soon. All hope that Covid-19 outbreak will end soon, "Isdianto said.

He said Riau Islands were currently following the protocol set by the central government in taking action. All teams in Riau Islands are working hand in hand to deal with this outbreak.

"Singapore's support will make Riau Islands more swiftly handling this outbreak. Moreover, the steps taken by Singapore are quite successful, "said Isdianto again.

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So far, Riau Islands is still safe from Corona virus outbreaks. Even so, all parties were asked to be vigilant. Especially when you see the distribution in Italy and Iran so quickly.

On Monday (9/3/2020), Head of Riau Islands Health Department Tjetjep Yudiana reported that in Riau Islands, although there were some people, they were all observed to be negative.

"We have reported to Acting Governor the current condition of Corona virus threat in Riau Islands, till this day is still safe. In fact, since March 6 yesterday there were no more patients under surveillance or people in monitoring, "said Tjetjep Yudiana.

Consul General Mark Low on that occasion said, Singapore would provide assistance for handling Covid-19 in Riau Islands.

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