Visitors Welcome Positively Spraying of Disinfectants at Masjid Agung Batam Centre

Mutual cooperation at Masjid Agung Batam Centre did spraying disinfectant liquid was positively welcomed by visitors. Prevent Corona virus in Batam.
Visitors of Masjid Agung Batam Centre positively welcomed the mutual cooperation and spraying of disinfectants to prevent Covid-19, Sunday (3/15/2020). - Mutual cooperation at Masjid Agung Batam Centre did spraying disinfectant liquid was positively welcomed by visitors.

A Batam resident, Feby Kalimah welcomed the clean-up action initiated by Riau Islands Police to prevent Corona virus in Batam City.

The woman who routinely participates in studies at Masjid Agung Batam Centre hopes that spraying disinfectants into houses of worship should not be responded to negatively by the community.

"In my opinion more on the process and efforts to be more vigilant with viruses that have spread to some countries only," he said, Sunday (3/15/2020).

Masjid Agung Batam Centre security officers are also grateful for the presence of disinfectant spraying at Masjid Agung area.

This was conveyed because until now the process of spraying disinfectants was the first time since Covid-19 outbreak from the end of December 2019.

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"We are truly grateful to those who sprayed the disinfectant today, because this is the first time," he said.

To prevent the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19), Riau Islands Police conduct a disinfectant process.

On two days Saturday (3/14/2020) and Sunday (3/14/2020) they carried out mutual cooperation and disinfecting processes at public service places in Riau Islands Regional Police office and Masjid Agung Batam Centre.

Mutual cooperation activities around Masjid Agung Batam Centre and disinfectant spraying activities carried out by Riau Islands Police.

Spraying starts from the terrace of Masjid Agung Batam Centre where carried out by members of Riau Islands Police Biddokkes.

After around the terrace of Masjid Agung Batam Centre, spraying was carried out at the door and inside the mosque.

The carpet of Masjid Agung Batam Centre is also not spared from spraying disinfectants from Imam's place, the place of the male congregation, and the place of the female congregation.

Bookshelves were also sprayed with disinfectants, spraying was also carried out in the courtyard of Masjid Agung. (*)

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