Water Treatment Plant of Tanjung Piayu Batam Threatened to Stop Operating, ATB Enforces Rationing

Tanjung Piayu Water Treatment Plant (WTP) or called IPA (Instalasi Pengolahan Air) will stop operating when the water level in Duriangkang reservoir r

Tanjungpiayu's WTP intake has fallen more than 3 meters due to shrinking water levels in the Duriangkang reservoir. When the water level reaches minus 3.4 from the surface of the overflow building, the WTP will stop operating, and Batam will lose 225 liters of clean water per second. - The Tanjung Piayu Water Treatment Plant (WTP) or called IPA (Instalasi Pengolahan Air) will stop operating when the water level in the Duriangkang reservoir reaches the level of minus 3.4 meters from the surface of the overflow building.

This condition caused Batam to lose clean water production by 225 liters per second, so ATB was forced to rotate.

According to data collected through the ATB Integrated Operation System Dashboard, the water elevation in the Duriangkang reservoir will reach minus 3.33 meters from the surface of the overflow building on Monday (3/23/2020). 

According to calculations, in less than 1 week the water level will reach minus 3.4 meters from the surface of the overflow building.

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When that happened, the intake pump at Tanjungpiayu WTP had touched the bottom of the reservoir, so it could not operate. 

With the collapse of the Tanjungpiayu WTP, Batam has lost 225 liters of clean water per second.

To minimize the impact of the deficit, there is no better scenario than to rotate.

BP Batam's proposal for ATB to prepare a rotation scheme has already been prepared and simulated. Including calculating the impacts that arise. 

One of the schemes prepared is to channel water to customers who have been served through the Tanjungpiayu WTP through the Duriangkang WTP for 3 days a week, and the remaining 4 days customers in the Tanjung Piayu area do not get clean water supply.

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While on the other hand, customers served through Duriangkang WTP will potentially experience an impact for 3 days and vice versa, flow for 4 days. The water flow has the potential to shrink to not flow at all to at least 32 thousand customers in Sei Panas region and parts of Batam Center. 

The customer will also experience a recovery of supply after the rotation takes effect. There will be some customers who need several days until the supply returns to normal. Supply recovery will depend on customer behavior. 

This condition cannot be avoided, due to the increasingly limited raw water conditions. The only hope that Batam will be avoided from this condition is the rain falling with sufficient intensity. ATB supports all efforts made by BP Batam so that the rain will fall soon.

ATB also encourages customers to be more prudent in this dry season, by using clean water for important activities only. 3R culture (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) should already be a shared culture. Inevitable rotation let's embrace tolerance to share. (*)  

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