Batam Starts Corona Virus Rapid Test

The Leader of Batam City Covid-19 Task Force, Amsakar Achmad asserted, a mass examination using rapid test method related to Covid-19 will be held.

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Illustration of Corona virus. - The Leader of Batam City Covid-19 Task Force, Amsakar Achmad asserted, a mass examination using Rapid Test method related to Covid-19 in Batam will continue to be carried out.

In addition, every afternoon a meeting was held with 12 sub-district heads in Batam City related to their development.

"We continue to update the development of district level work for anticipating Corona virus," said Amsakar, Monday (3/23/2020).

For the Rapid Test itself, it will start on Monday (3/23/2020), while for completion there will be optimization at the neighbourhood and hamlet levels in each district.

"Saturday our checking target is complete," he said.

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Corona Case Data in Batam until March 23, 2020:

Insiders Monitoring (ODP)
Total: 353
Under Monitoring 293
Completion of Monitoring 60

Patients in Oversight (PDP)
Total :32
Sample 31

In the process
Lab 7
Negative 22
Positive 3

Source: Riau Islands Provincial Health Department (*)

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