Mayor of Batam Claim Singapore Will Help 10,000 Covid-19 Rapid Test Equipment to Government

Mayor of Batam, Rudi claim in the near future, Batam Government will receive the assistance of Rapid Test equipment from Singapore. Here's the details

Head of BP Batam, HM Rudi - Mayor of Batam, HM Rudi revealed, in the near future, Batam Government will also receive the assistance of Rapid Test equipment from Singapore.

Previously, Singapore Representative had asked what type of Rapid Test was needed in Batam.

"Earlier I was informed by Singapore Ambassador they would provide 10,000 Rapid Test equipment. I said please. I have told Didi to submit the type of Rapid Test we need," said Mayor of Batam, HM Rudi, Thursday (3/27/2020).

Rudi hopes that this Rapid Test tool can be used as an initial testing tool for people in need.

Later, if the result is positive, the test will continue to Jakarta, while if the result is negative, it will not be continued.

"Because it is not accurate, then we start from the beginning. If the results of the Rapid Test are hit we send it to Jakarta," said Rudi.

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So what is the need for Rapid Tests in Batam City?

Rudi admitted that all Batam citizens without exception are actually better tested using this Rapid Test.

However, according to him it was impossible because they did not have enough costs.

So, for the initial stage it will be according to the procedure suspect line.

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