NEW RULES! Indonesian Citizens from Overseas Arriving in Batam Must Obtain a Health Check at Port

Covid-19 Task Force Handling Team changed inspection procedures for Indonesian citizens who had just come from abroad, especially Indonesian workers.
Passengers from abroad, especially Indonesian Workers (TKI) from Singapore and Malaysia underwent medical examinations at Asrama Haji, Batam Center, Batam City, Riau Islands Province. Unlike the previous pattern, this time the health check was conducted by KKP officer at the port., BATAM - The Covid-19 Task Force Handling Team changed the inspection procedures for Indonesian citizens who had just come from abroad, especially Indonesian workers (TKI).

Passengers who arrived from Malaysia and Singapore were no longer collected at Asrama Haji, Batam Center but immediately underwent intensive health checks at Port concerned.

This rule is different compared to last Saturday (28/3/2020) where those who arrived at the international port were first gathered at Asrama Haji to be recorded and checked for their health.

"For today the pattern is no longer recorded at Asrama Haji, but is directly recorded at the port," said Head of Batam City Communication and Information Department as a spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Hazril, Sunday (3/29/2020).

According to him, the passengers will be checked by KKP officers at every port in Batam City.

Some locations such as flats and Asrama Haji have been prepared if there are passengers who must be quarantined by KKP.

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"But if someone is sent home, they are directed to conduct an independent quarantine, but remain under supervision," he said.

He admitted, especially migrant workers who were repatriated from Malaysia mostly did not go through the entrance of Batam.

But also through the entrance of Karimun and Tanjungpinang.

Coordination of repatriation by BP3TKI Riau Islands Province

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