Caused by Covid-19, Some of Massage Places in Jodoh Batam Choose to be Closed Temporary

Covid-19 outbreak makes some hotels or massage places in Batam, choosing to close temporarily. Usually visited by tourists from Singapore and Malaysia

Massage in Jodoh area, Batam is temporarily closed. Photo taken on Saturday (4/4/2020), BATAM - Covid-19 outbreak makes some hotels or massage places in Batam, choosing to close temporarily.

Such as some massage places in Jodoh area, Batam City, Riau Islands.

Before Corona virus or Covid-19 outbreak, this place was often visited by tourists from Singapore and Malaysia.

While now, the massage place is closed.

This is evident from the information on several massage places doors that read 'temporary closes'. observations, Saturday (4/4/2020), there are massage places in Jodoh area that reads 'temporarily closed', those that do not.

It's just from observation, many massage places that do not say 'closed temporarily'. ( Himi Heptana)

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