Combat Covid-19, Here's The Steps Taken by Tanjungpinang and Riau Islands Government

Isdianto asked the Regents and Mayors of Riau Islands to continue synergize with all parties in the region to get handling of Covid-19 outbreak.

Tanjungpinang and Riau Islands government video conferencing connection (VIDCON), Sunday (5/4/2020)., TANJUNGPINANG - Deputy Mayor of Tanjungpinang Rahma together with Tanjungpinang City Secretary , Teguh Ahmad Syafari and Head of Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) related to listening the direction of Acting Governor of Riau Islands Isdianto through a video conference (vidcon) connection in Raja Haji Fisabilillah Meeting Room at  Tanjungpinang Mayor's Office, Sunday (5/4/2020).

The directive was related to efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Isdianto at that time asked the Regents and Mayors of  Riau Islands to continue synergize with all parties in the region so that they could run quickly and correctly in handling Covid-19.

"In addition, of course, we can work in accordance with applicable regulations, so that they do not violate the rules and can be focused on handling Corona pandemic," he said.

According to him, in order to accelerate the handling of Covid-19, the central and regional governments have issued some regulations and circulars.

The government has established a public health emergency status and large-scale social restrictions.

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"I convey to Regents and Mayors of Riau Islands Province to continue carry out their duties properly, and to ensure that every referral hospital (hospital) in their respective regions.

So that there are sufficient medical personnel and medical devices available, then continue to conduct socialization and vigorously appeal.

The community must remain at home, and the application of social and physical distancing is made more assertive, disciplined and effective," he said.

He also instructed, so that each region can activate the task force post, so the community is served and more easily get the latest information.

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