National Airlines Start Laying Off the Employees, This is the Explanation

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), the conditions faced by national airlines are increasingly severe. See the details here..
Airline illustration  - As a result of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), the conditions faced by national airlines are increasingly severe. Even a number of airlines began laying off their employees.

This happened because from January to March there was a significant decrease in the number of passengers.

Secretary-General of the Indonesian National Air Carrier Association (INACA) Bayu Sutanto revealed, since the beginning of March, there has been a decrease in the number of passengers to drop dramatically and even at the end of March yesterday dropped even more dramatically.

According to him, this is due to many restrictions on the central and local governments not to travel. So there is no demand for people to travel, especially this April. 

This was also done as a step to cut the spread of the corona pandemic.

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"Even from the reservation system booking some of our airlines in April until no one has ordered a ticket or buy a ticket. Because of the many restrictions," Bayu said as quoted by, Tuesday (04/07/2020).

Bayu also claimed not to have detailed data regarding airline losses. To be sure, he made sure the losses to be borne are enormous.

Moreover, according to Bayu, in the current conditions, the airline's financing burden is not reduced. "Especially the fixed costs, it must be borne, starting from the cost of renting airplanes, airports and others," he said. 

As a result, as a form of efficiency, airlines choose to reduce employee costs.

He said, salary cuts were only the first step to efficiency. If the condition gets worse, it does not rule out the possibility of massive layoffs. (*) 

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