NOT 3 Months, the Mayor of Batam Prepares Requirements for PSBB, Needs an Advanced Study

Muhammad Rudi will propose a Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB). But PSBB has not been implemented in the near future, because there are still ma..

Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi - The Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi will propose a Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB). But PSBB has not been implemented in the near future, because there are still many requirements that must be met. 

Rudi did not mention any of these requirements, but one of them was the economy, including basic food needs for the people of Batam.

When these requirements have been completed, Rudi immediately submits to the Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto. 

He added, when holding a meeting at the Barelang Police, his party also discussed PSBB related matters. 

The first PSBB will be implemented in Jakarta first, starting Friday, April 10, 2020.

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Quoted from, Monday (6/4/2020), PSBB has been regulated in Minister of Health Regulation (Permenkes) No. 9 of 2020 concerning Large-Scale Social Limitation Guidelines in the Framework of Accelerating Handling of Covid-19. 

There are several conditions that must be met before a region proposes the status of the PSBB.

These conditions include the area in question which has a high number of cases or a high death rate due to the Corona Virus outbreak (Covid-19).

Then, the spread of cases occurred significantly and spread rapidly to a number of areas. (*) 

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