National Book Day, There Are Book Discounts Up to 30 Percent in Gramedia Batam

Gramedia bookstore gives discounts for purchases of all books. Started at 30% for all books in Gramedia Batam. Here are the details if you want to buy Ashari Diana Putri
Gramedia BCS Mall visitors, Sunday (5/17/2020). Gramedia BCS Mall holds discounts for all books by up to 30 percent. This discount is given to commemorate National Book Day., BATAM - Gramedia bookstore gives discounts for purchases of all books.

This discount is given in commemoration of National Book Day.

Given by the largest and most comprehensive bookstore in Batam City, Riau Islands Province, starting at 30% for all books in Gramedia Batam.

This promo is valid from 17 to 19 May 2020, and is specifically for BCA Visa and MasterCard credit card holders, BCA MasterCard debit cards, and also non-syariah BNI (including GPN) credit cards.

With a minimum transaction of IDR 100 thousand, this discount can be used for buyers visiting BCS Mall Gramedia Bookstore and also ordering online.

The commemoration of National Book Day is expected to foster and increase interest in reading throughout the Indonesian people.

Buyers can contact WhatsApp Gramedia Batam at 0823-8570-5769, all groceries will be delivered by the courier to your home. ( Ashari Diana Putri)

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