Singapore Temasek Foundation Order 2.5 Million Masks from Batam, Will be Shared to Riau Islands

Singapore Temasek Foundation recently ordered 2.5 million pieces (pcs) masks to businesses in Batam City. Will also be distributed to Riau Islands.

(Courtsey CNA/People Association)
The reusable mask produced by Ghim Li was released by Singapore People's Association organization, Wednesday (6/5/2020)., BATAM - Singapore Temasek Foundation recently ordered 2.5 million pieces (pcs) masks to businesses in Batam City.

Namely a mask that can be washed and reused.

"Since May to the end of June, Temasek ordered 2.5 million masks that can be reused. The makers are entrepreneurs in Batam City," Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Ngurah Swajaya said in a teleconference on Monday (05/18/2020) yesterday.

Millions of masks ordered by Singapore Temasek Foundation will not only be distributed to Singaporeans, but the plan will also be distributed to residents of Riau Islands.

Not only in Batam, Temasek also ordered 6 million masks that can be used again from Central Java.

"Most of it is distributed in Indonesia and Singapore and donated to ASEAN countries in need," he said.

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The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore itself continues to encourage cooperation with Temasek.

In addition to the assistance that the foundation continues to provide, it also supports the products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia used in handling Corona virus in Indonesia's neighboring country.

At present the form of cooperation is still in rapid response.

But once the pandemic was resolved, Indonesian Embassy encouraged cooperation in the procurement of medicines, vaccines and other necessities.

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