Become Quarantine Place, Hotels in Batam Ready to Accommodate Indonesian Workers from Abroad

Apindo admitted to help Batam City Government provide quarantine places for migrant or foreign workers entering Batam. This is the solution they offer

Hotel illustration., BATAM - The lockdown loosened in Singapore and Malaysia made Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) who were once detained in the neighboring country and want to return to Indonesia, now can return through the port.

One of them is through Batam City.

"The government should start thinking about how to quarantine these migrant workers who will return via Batam.

The number is likely to be many who return, especially to coincide with Eid, "said Chairman of Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Batam City, Rafki Rasyid, Monday (05/18/2020).

He admitted to help Batam City Government provide quarantine places for migrant workers entering Batam or foreign workers (TKA) who have just come from abroad, hotel operators in Batam are ready to prepare their hotels as quarantine places at low prices.

So, that way the government and the hotel which currently occupancy rates are decreasing dramatically, will be equally helped.

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"The cost of a 14-day quarantine stay can be charged to migrant workers or foreign workers who will enter Batam," he said.

For technical cooperation, Apindo is ready to become a bridge between Batam Government and hotel entrepreneurs in Batam.

In principle, hotel entrepreneurs are ready.

Rafki added, in a pandemic condition like this, entrepreneurs and the government must work together to help each other in order to survive through this ordeal.

Apindo will assist the government in terms of energy, thought or material assistance to jointly help the community in dealing with this virus outbreak.

"We also hope that the economic situation can recover soon," Rafki said. ( / Roma Uly Sianturi)

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