Handling Covid-19, Jokowi and Kemenristek Launch 55 Innovation Products, What are They?

President Joko Widodo officially launched 55 innovation products for handling the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. This innovation is the result of ...

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President Joko Widodo - President Joko Widodo officially launched 55 innovation products for handling the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. This innovation is the result of cooperation between the government, academia, and the domestic industry.

Jokowi said, currently the world was competing rapidly in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, including Indonesia. Therefore, there is a need for innovation and tangible work from within the country to fight the plague.

The existence of dozens of innovative products produced by the Covid-19 consortium, according to Jokowi, shows a new momentum for the revival of Indonesian science and technology, particularly in the health sector. 

"Today we should be proud because, from the hands of the nation's child, we are able to produce much-needed work," he said when "Launching the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 Consortium for Research and Innovation", Wednesday (05/10/2020). 

Of the 55 innovation products, there are 9 superior innovation products that have been reviewed directly by Jokowi.

The nine, namely, PCR Test Kit, IgG / IgM Rapid Diagnostics Test, Emergency Ventilator, Original Indonesian Herbal Immunomodulator, Plasma Convalence, BSL-2 Mobile Lab, AI System for Covid-19 detection, Raisa Medical Assistant Robot and autonomous UVC Mobile robot, and Powered Air Purifying Respirator. 

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The Minister of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Department (RISTEK / BRIN), Bambang Bordjonegoro added, as the national research and innovation coordinator, he continued to encourage the birth of various innovative products from within the country to have a wide impact on society. 

Therefore, he hopes, 55 innovation products that are now officially launched can answer the needs of the community, as well as mark the revival of Indonesian innovation.

"Hopefully, this research and innovation product in the country can answer the needs of the Indonesian people, not only during the pandemic but also for the long term," he said.

To note, Covid-19's consortium of research and innovation which consists of various ministries, government agencies, universities, and industry focuses on four technology innovation groups.

The four groups consist of medical and support tools, prevention, medication, and therapy, as well as screening and diagnosis related to Covid-19. (*) 

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