Condition of Batam Harbour Bay Area When Covid-19 Outbreak, Like a Dead City

Harbour Bay, Batam city looks very quiet in the middle of Corona virus pandemic that hit Batam City. Like a dead city cause by Corona virus outbreak.

One of the hangout places in Batam's Harbourbay area seemed to be closed on Thursday (5/21/2020) morning., BATAM -Harbour Bay, Batam city looks very quiet in the middle of Corona virus pandemic that hit Batam City.

Like a dead city, perhaps these words describe the atmosphere in Harbour Bay, Batam, Thursday (5/21/2020).

Because the atmosphere on Thursday morning was very quiet.

In fact, almost all outlets, restaurants, hangout places are closed, especially Harbour Bay mall which closed about three months ago.

TribunBatam observations, Morning Bakery as one of the largest and most visited, previously seemed closed from the outside.

There was only an announcement by National Police Chief about complying with the handling of Covid-19. Sticked to the wall.

According to Marna, residents there when found said, the conditions were quiet for the past few months.

Especially since being hit by Covid-19.

"It's quiet. That employee has no such activity. Some of the changes at other Morning Bakery are still open and only serve buyers of wrap models," Marna said.

There is no activity inside it. Only a few safeguards there. Even so, tickets in and out of the door are still active.

While some hotels there partially stopped operating. Some others are still operating even though the guests are quiet.

"It's really quiet. Employees and businesspeople are complaining," said Teteh, another resident who used to sell in Harbour Bay. "(

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