During Covid-19 Pandemic, Batam Still Exported Fishery Products to Some Countries

In the middle of Covid-19 epidemic, fishery product export activities from Batam City to several countries are still running. Here are the details.

Illustration of fish catch by fishermen., BATAM - Even though it is in the middle of Covid-19 epidemic, fishery product export activities from Batam City to several countries are still running.

Although indeed the current export volume was slightly corrected due to the decrease in demand and supply of goods from other local areas in Indonesia.

Head of Fish Quarantine Station, Quality Control and Safety of Fisheries Products (SKIPM) Batam, Anak Agung Gede Eka Susila admitted that he was still grateful to be able to maintain the stability of export movement.

This consistency is expected to be maintained and optimal again after Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Starting from January to May 16, 2020, the export volume of Batam City fishery products reached 2,329.64 tons for Dead Commodities and 340,131 live Commodity exports.

With a total value of IDR 93.88 billion.

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"Our exports can still run, our main exports are exports to Singapore, China, Vietnam and Japan," Agung said, Wednesday (5/20/2020).

Agung did not elaborate the comparison of current exports with 2019 ago.

But he explained that conditions in 2019 were going well because the inflow of goods from outside the area was to be exported through Batam.

Kasubsi Wasdalin of the Fish Quarantine Station, Batam Fishery Product Quality and Safety Control (SKIPM), Dwi Sulistiyono explained, during 2019, the frequency of exports of fishery products through the work area (Wilker) SKIPM Batam touched 3,145 times with a total export value of IDR 379,666,749,326 .

Commodities of fishery products that are exported, the group of fresh / frozen consumption fish are the highest with a volume of 4,650,600 kg or valued at IDR 331,057,791,941.

Followed by live consumption fish commodity with a volume of 1,202,882 tails with an economic value of IDR 43,883,479,315,000.

The highest export of ornamental fish occurred in October with 2,554 fish.

While based on its economic value, the highest exports occurred in May, valued at IDR 41.831 billion. ( Uly Sianturi)

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