Keep Water Supply Abundant Until 2045, BP Batam Reminds the Community to Save Water

The availability of water in 6 Batam City reservoirs is currently running low. water availability in Batam City remains abundant, at least until 2045.

BP Batam Dam and Raw Water Manager, Hadjad Widagdo (right) Waste and Environmental Management Manager, Iyus Rusmana (left) gave a presentation related to WWTP and raw water availability, Tuesday (05/26/2020)., BATAM - Water is one of the most important natural resource requirements for humans. Almost all activities in human life need water, namely food, household and industrial activities.

However, in the midst of increasing demand, the availability of water in six Batam City reservoirs is currently running low.

One reason for the reduced availability of raw water in these reservoirs is due to the decreasing intensity of rainfall.

Director of Batam Business Facilities and Environment Agency for Business (BP) Batam, Binsar Tambunan stated, the source of water in Batam for now, only depends on rain water.

Meanwhile, according to calculations, the intensity of rainfall that fell during the months of April-May was reduced from generally above 2000 mm per year, to below that number.

"Rainwater that falls in Batam used to be above 2000 mm per year, is the same as Bogor which is the City of Rain. Well, for the past two years, rainfall in Batam has only been below 2000 mm per year, so it has decreased," said Binsar.

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The rainwater that falls is then accommodated in the catchment area, such as drainage and ridges, then flows into six reservoirs throughout Batam City.

The six reservoirs that hold the water are Sei Harapan, Mukakuning, Sei Ladi, Tembesi, Duriangkang and Nongsa reservoirs.

Because it is very dependent on the reservoir that holds rainwater as a source of water, Binsar added, that the people of Batam City must jointly maintain the conditions around the reservoir and the catchment area.

"We must protect the water catchment area, the dam, and the forest from garbage and waste, and from BP Batam itself will make efforts to greening, fencing, and guarding the area around the reservoir," said Binsar.

The six dams are the only water sources that meet the needs of around 1.3 million people and 24 industrial areas.

Meanwhile, BP Batam Dam and Raw Water Manager, Hadjad Widagdo, also considered that the use of water by the people in Batam City was still quite wasteful at 200 liters per person per day.

"The water needed is very wasteful in Batam, which is 200 liters per person per day, while the average urban area in Indonesia is only 144 liters per person per day," Hajad added.

For this reason, Batam Facility and Environmental Business Agency, advised the community, to always maintain the cleanliness conditions in the area around the reservoir, and always be efficient in using water.

This is applied so that the continuity of water availability in Batam City remains abundant, at least until 2045. ( Hening Sekar Utami)

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