President Jokowi Asks for 'New Normal' Must be Applied Carefully

Chief Expert Staff of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Donny Gahral Adian said, the government was careful in implementing ...

President Joko Widodo visits HI Roundabout MRT Station, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/26/2020). President Jokowi reviewed the readiness of operating procedures for public transportation that will resume operations in the near future. -  Chief Expert Staff of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Donny Gahral Adian said, the government was careful in implementing the new normalcy era or New Normal amid the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). 

"When declaring New Normal, the President gave a direction that there must first be education, outreach, and simulation," Donny said in an online discussion titled New Normal, Are You Ready ?, Saturday (06/06/2020). 

"So, there was a transition period first, it was not immediately opened so that everything was done carefully as directed by the president," he continued. 

Donny said that caution was taken to prevent the emergence of a second wave or an increase in positive cases of Covid-19

Therefore, the application of the New Normal must be accompanied by periodic monitoring and evaluation. 

"So that we are not cheated. All opened together suddenly and then the second wave occurred," he said.

"So, in this case, the government is very careful that the economy can roll, but public health is also not ruled out," said Donny. 

It is known, New Normal has become a buzzword. This term appeared shortly after President Joko Widodo invited to "make peace" with Covid-19.

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There are a number of areas that will become a pilot project for this policy.

A total of 4 provinces and 25 districts/cities will start implementing this scenario. The four provinces are West Sumatra, DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Gorontalo.

However, until now the government has not announced the implementation of New Normal

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, revealed that the government had not yet announced the implementation of New Normal.

He said, the decision of the enactment of the New Normal era could not be pegged based on the exact date, but based on the numbers and curve of the Covid-19 case. (*) 

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