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Batam Washed Down by Rain, Hang Nadim Airport Authorities Said Did Not Disturb Flights

Authority at Batam Hang Nadim Airport said that so far the rain in Batam has not disrupted flight activities. Flight schedules was relatively quiet. Nur Fadillah
Conditions at Batam Hang Nadim Airport apron seemed deserted on Monday (4/27/2020). Although the rainy season does not interfere with flights., BATAM - The authority at Batam Hang Nadim Airport said that so far the rain in Batam has not disrupted flight activities.

Class I Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Hang Nadim Airport Batam predicts moderate to heavy rain will occur in Batam City, Riau Islands Province, Monday (6/22/2020).

Rain is expected to fall until 4 pm since the morning.

The rain, which was expected to fall until the afternoon, did not affect flight activity at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport.

This was revealed by Director of Batam Hang Nadim Airport Business Agency and BP Batam Information Technology, Suwarso when confirmed.

According to him, weather forecasts with rain conditions in Batam City did not interfere with flight activities because the number of flight schedules at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport was relatively quiet.

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"For flight activities there are no obstacles. Alhamdulillah smoothly," he said.

He revealed, there were 2 flights at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport in the morning.

Apart from that 3 flights at 11 noon.

He also said the supporting facilities at Batam Hang Nadim Airport also became one of the supporters such as a long runway so that today's rain was not too disturbing

"Navigation aids are also fairly complete, although the distance is 800 meters, the visibility is still safe," he said.

As the airport manager, he is obliged to provide information to pilots in the event of bad weather, especially those landing or flying at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport.

"Right now we only provide information. The decision on the pilot will land or not. If it was we who made the decision," he said. (

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