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Ministry of Health Suggests Increased Dosage of Herbal Medicine Consumption During Covid-19 Pandemic

These steps are good for maintaining body immunity and preventing the emergence of comorbid or co-morbid diseases related to Covid-19.

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Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri -  Head of Center for Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicines of the Ministry of Health's Health Research and Development Agency, Akhmad Saikhu, suggested that people increase their dose of herbal medicine or herbal drinks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Saikhu, these steps are good for maintaining body immunity and preventing the emergence of comorbid or co-morbid diseases related to Covid-19.

"The dosage (herbal medicine) can also be increased for this Covid period. But later if the pandemic period is over, then consumption will return to the initial doses," Saikhu said in a virtual press conference broadcast live on YouTube BNPB, Wednesday (5/8/2020). 

Saikhu said, the public could take herbal medicines whose recipes were passed down from their ancestors.

For example, to prevent mild hypertension, it can be mixed with celery, handle leaves, leaves of cat's whiskers, ginger rhizomes, turmeric rhizomes, and herbal meniran.

Or, to prevent high blood sugar, herbal concoctions in the form of bay leaves, bitter leaves, cinnamon bark, and ginger rhizome.

"From some of the ingredients in the community that we have examined, we prove it with scientific data, safety data, and benefits, it is quite safe and can be consumed by the public at a certain dose," said Saikhu. 

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According to Saikhu, herbal medicinal ingredients can be found easily. Most of these ingredients are even used for cooking.

Saikhu said, as long as herbal ingredients can increase endurance or alleviate symptoms of the disease, then consumption can be continued.

The Ministry of Health has also issued a circular about how people use herbal concoctions, both in composition and dosage.

However, Saikhu reminded that herbal medicine or herbal medicine is efficacious to relieve the symptoms of Covid-19 comorbidities or comorbidities. 

Herbal Medicine, said Saikhu, cannot cure coronavirus. Covid-19 can only be cured by vaccines that are currently still in the process of clinical trials.

"The herbal medicine is for co-morbid from Covid-19. That is, it can be used to relieve symptoms of comorbidities," he said. (*) 

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Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
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