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Added More 10 People, Covid-19 Positive Patients at Galang Hospital Almost Full Capacity

The capacity of the Covid-19 Special Infection Hospital (RSKI) on Galang Island, Batam is almost full. There are 10 additional Covid-19 patients.

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ISOLATION ROOM - Isolation treatment room 120 A and B in the Galang Hospital Batam building. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - The capacity of the Covid-19 Special Infection Hospital (RSKI) on Galang Island, Batam is almost full.

The last three days the number of patients has increased.

It was recorded that Saturday (10/24/2020), there were an additional 10 patients who were confirmed positive for Covid-19.

Head of Information for Kogabwilhan-I Colonel Marines Aris Mudian in his statement said that patients with positive confirmation of Covid-19 had an increase.

"Today there are 10 additional Covid-19 patients. They are undergoing treatment at the RSKI," he said, Saturday.

This means that with the addition of 10 patients today, Galang Hospital is now treating 335 positive patients with Covid-19. Of the total number, 152 men and 183 women.

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The increase in Covid-19 patients has made the RSKI only able to accommodate 25 more patients.

The confirmed patient now occupies the quarantine building 240 A and B and buildings 120 A and B.

An increase in the number of patients ultimately reduces the capacity of the beds that have been provided.

In contrast to suspected patients, RSKI is currently lacking in patients.

Colonel Aris said that since RSKI has handled Covid-19 confirmation patients, 1481 patients have been declared cured and allowed to go home.


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