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Eight Covid-19 Red Zone Districts, Batam Add 140 New Corona Virus Cases

Covid-19 cases in Batam has continued to increase over the past two days. A total of 1.883 have recovered, 65 died and 582 patients treated.

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Illustration. Covid-19 Update - Eight sub-districts in Batam now have Corona virus red zone status. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - The addition of Covid-19 cases in Batam has continued to increase over the past two days.

After Thursday (22/10), the addition of positive cases reached 98 cases, Friday (23/10), Covid-19 cases increased by 140 people.

This figure adds to the cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in Batam to 2,530 cases.

A total of 1,883 of them have recovered, then 65 died and 582 patients are still being treated.

The graph of the development of the Covid-19 case in Batam also crawled to the highest number in the third week of October 2020, namely 530 additional cases.

The professional background of Covid-19 case is still dominated by private employees, namely 1,220 cases, then housewives with 253 cases and health workers totaling 192 cases.

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The increasing number of Covid-19 cases which exploded also resulted in a number of areas in Batam City becoming red zones on the current positive situation map for Covid-19 in Batam.

The area classified as the red zone is Batam Kota Subdistrict with 100 cases under treatment.

Nongsa District 24 cases, Bengkong District 35 cases, Lubuk Baja District 24 cases, Sei Beduk District 68 cases.

Then Sagulung District had 120 cases, Batuaji District 92 cases, and Sekupang District 104 cases.

While Bulang and Galang Districts are still in the green zone without patients being treated, Batu Ampar District is still in the orange zone with 12 cases under treatment.

Meanwhile, Belakang Padang Subdistrict also turned yellow with three confirmed cases of Covid-19 under treatment.

"We will continue to apply 3T, tracing testing and treatment. The more tracing, the more will be tested and treated," said the acting (Acting) Mayor of Batam, Syamsul Bahrum. ( Sekar Utami)

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