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Nongsa Officially Becomes a Tourism Pilot Area in the New Normal Era

The Nongsa area was officially opened as the Implementation of New Normal in the location of the tourism pilot area in Batam. Uly Sianturi
Inauguration of the implementation of the New Normal in the pilot area of Nongsa Tourism, BATAM - The Nongsa area was officially opened as the Implementation of New Normal in the location of the tourism pilot area in Batam

Inaugurated by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Batam City, Jefridin, in Palm Spring, Nongsa, Wednesday (21/11/2020) at around 10.00 WIB. 

"The Nongsa area has been designated as a new normal pilot area," said Jefridin in his speech. 

He seems optimistic, tourism in Batam City will recover as before. 

He admitted that currently, tourist visits were limited.

Welcoming this, Batam is very much ready to accept tourist visits. 

On this occasion, Jefridin also reminded tourism actors, paying taxes is the main thing in the world of tourism. Health protocols in preventing Covid-19 must be considered. 

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Meanwhile, Head of the Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata, admitted that there are 17 amenities in the Nongsa area. 

These amenities are ready to welcome tourists in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.'s observation, in the inauguration of the New Normal implementation at the location of the Nongsa Tourism pilot area was accompanied by a series of ribbon cutting and a review of the readiness of 2 points for the Check Point Area.

Precisely at Simpang 4 Turi Teluk Mata Ikan, Tering Bay Nongsa area.

Also attending this event, the Chairman of DPD Asita Kepri, Andika Lim, Assistant II for Economy and Development, Pebrialin, Executive Director of Batam Tourism Promotion Board (BTPB), Edi Sutrisno and other stakeholders. 

( Uly Sianturi) 

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