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Ahead of Christmas and New Year 2021, PELNI Deploys 26 Passenger Ships, Tickets Can Purchased Online

Ticket sales through this website and mobile application still require prospective passengers to be able to comply with a number of regulations ...

Several residents were seen queuing at the ticket window for ship tickets at the Pelni Sekupang office, Batam, some time ago, BATAM - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) is ready to welcome Christmas and New Year by re-opening the PELNI ship ticket sales channel through the mobile application and website.

"We are ready to reopen PELNI ship ticket sales to welcome the peak season at the end of this year by starting to open ticket sales for prospective passengers through the website and mobile application, after previously we only sold tickets at our branch office counters," said OM Sodikin, Director of Passenger Transportation Business of PT PELNI (Persero). 

He also said that online-based ticket sales services during this pandemic still pay attention to the requirements that must be brought and shown to officers during check-in at the port. 

Ticket sales through this website and mobile application still require prospective passengers to be able to comply with a number of regulations determined in accordance with health protocols during this new habit adaptation period. 

In line with the implementation of ticket sales on the website and mobile application, PELNI is also ready to operate 26 passenger ships and operate 45 pioneer ship routes to welcome the Christmas and New Year moments. 

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The Head of the PT Pelni (Persero) Corporate Secretary, Yahya Kuncoro, said that ahead of the Christmas and New Year moments, PELNI has prepared 210,990 pax for passengers.

"We have prepared 210,990 pax for prospective PELNI passengers. We have adjusted this amount to the implementation of health protocols during the adaptation period for this new habit, "said Yahya. 

The public can find out about the development of information about updated ship routes and schedules through official social media at @ Pelni162 and the website, or the public can also contact PELNI contact center at 021-162. 

PELNI, as a state-owned company engaged in sea transportation, has currently operated 26 passenger ships and stopped at 83 ports and served 1,100 segments. 

Apart from passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which are a means of accessibility for population mobility in the 3TP area, where pioneer ships stop at 275 ports with 3,739 segments.

PELNI also operates as many as 20 Rede ships. Meanwhile, in the logistics business, PELNI currently operates 4 cargo ships, 8 sea toll ships and 1 special livestock ship.

( Ashari Diana Putri)

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