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Batam Covid-19 Task Force Recorded 4,432 Coronavirus Cases, 113 Died

The Batam Covid-19 Task Force has recorded positive cases of coronavirus in Batam, which now reached 4,432 cases. This number increased after the ...
Coronavirus illustration, BATAM - The Batam Covid-19 Task Force has recorded positive cases of coronavirus in Batam, which now reached 4,432 cases. 

This number increased after the addition of 40 positive cases in Batam on December 7, 2020. 

Currently, there are 816 cases of Covid-19 in Batam that are still being treated.  

Meanwhile, there were 3,503 patients recovering from corona and 113 cases of patients who died from Covid-19

These patients are being treated in a number of hospitals, such as the Galang Covid-19 Hospital, which now accommodates 414 patients. 

In addition, 70 patients were isolated independently, 68 patients treated at Bapelkes. 

Apartment Pemko Tanjunguncang 4 patients, Awal Bros Hospital 81 patients, Bhayangkara Hospital 9 patients, Budi Kemuliaan Hospital 24 patients. 

Camatha Sahidya Hospital 2 patients, Harapan Bunda Hospital 4 patients, Husada Family Hospital 3 patients, Graha Hermine Hospital 11 patients, Soedarsono D Hospital 6 patients, Embung Fatimah Hospital 35 patients. 

Then, Elisabeth Sei Lekop Hospital 7 patients, Elisabeth Batam Kota Hospital 18 patients, Elisabeth Lubuk Baja Hospital 19 patients. 

Furthermore, Mutiara Aini Hospital has 1 patient, RSBP Batam 27 patients, Rusun BP Tanjunguncang 3 patients, and preparation for the evacuation of 10 people. 

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Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
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