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Golden Prawn Promo Welcomes Chinese New Year, 40 Percent Discount for Processed Seafood Menu

Special promotions ahead of the Chinese New Year come from the Golden Prawn Restaurant. This restaurant, which is located in Bengkong, Batam City, ... Ashari Diana Putri
Photo of Golden Prawn Operations Manager, Ferry Gold showing an all-round menu of IDR 50,000 at Golden Prawn Batam, Friday (29/1/2021)., BATAM - Special promotions ahead of the Chinese New Year come from the Golden Prawn Restaurant. 

This restaurant, which is located in Bengkong, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, has a special promo for its seafood menu

Golden Prawn has a special Chinese New Year menu package priced at IDR 2,180,000 per 10 people. 

With this price, visitors can get menu choices such as Yi Sen, Fish Fins, Mini Puek Po Abalone, Steamboat, Roast Duck, Steam Black Krapu, Steam Shrimp, Longan Pudding and free soft drinks. 

For various processed shrimp menus per kilo, it is currently selling for IDR 109 thousand. 

As for the crab menu, the price is IDR 84 thousand per kilogram. 

One of the most sought after menus is cuttlefish, which is sold starting at IDR 60 thousand, IDR 70 thousand to IDR 80 thousand. 

Some of the processed seafood menu items were deliberately sold at a lower price because the manager admitted that he was holding a 40 percent discount from the normal price. 

The goal is that all Kepri people, especially Batam residents, can enjoy a meal with their family at this restaurant. 

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Meanwhile, several other items such as crabs and groupers are offered at special prices, namely for crabs, the previous price was sold for IDR 330 thousand, now it is IDR 250 thousand per kilogram. 

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