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Recently Inaugurated as the Governor of Riau Islands, Here's Ansar Ahmad-Marlin's Main Focus

Governor of Riau Islands (Kepri) Ansar Ahmad and Deputy Governor Marlin Agustina will move quickly to complete a number of work priorities.

Governor and Deputy Governor of Riau Islands, Ansar Ahmad-Marlin Agustina, BATAM - Governor of Riau Islands (Kepri) Ansar Ahmad and Deputy Governor Marlin Agustina will move quickly to complete a number of work priorities.

One of them is to immediately restore the economy in the Riau Islands region.

The handling of the coronavirus pandemic will be more serious, so that economic and social activities run well. 

"I, together with the Deputy Governor and all stakeholders in the Riau Islands, will try as soon as possible to make economic recovery efforts," said Ansar in a written statement, Friday (26/2/2021). 

Ansar said about two things that will be the main focus. 

First, handling Covid-19 and secondly economic recovery.

According to Ansar, Kepri once achieved economic growth of up to 8 percent, with Batam that being the economic locomotive.

However, due to the pandemic, most of Riau Islands' economic activities, which are export-oriented and tourism, have experienced a decline.

Even the decline in economic growth is considered quite significant. 

To restore the economy, according to Ansar, among others, by building a good bureaucratic service subsystem.

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