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Batu Ampar Port in a Sophisticated Concept, Developing a Digital System, Supporting Infrastructure?

The BP Batam Port Business Entity is intensively developing the Batu Ampar Port. A number of digital-based programs require infrastructure support ...
Socialization of Autogate System Integration with B-SIMS BP Batam and Customs and Excise Online TPS, at the BP Batam IT Center Conference Hall, Wednesday (3/3/2021)., BATAM - The BP Batam Port Business Entity is intensively developing the Batu Ampar Port. 

A number of digital-based programs require infrastructure support such as the Auto Gate System and TPS Online from Customs. 

Director of Port Business Entity (BUP), Nelson Idris said, with the digitalization system being implemented at Batu Ampar Port, BUP BP Batam has proven to be leading to the development of ports with Smart and Green Port standards. 

The designation of Batu Ampar Port as the Batam Logistic Ecosystem (BLE) which is part of the National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE). 

The integration with TPS Online by Customs and Excise aims to update the process of loading and unloading goods on each ship which is currently still using the truck lossing pattern. 

BP Batam has designed a system called BP Batam Seaport Information Management System (B-SIMS). 

This system functions to accommodate agency registrations, incoming goods registers, outgoing goods registers, and container plan information at the TPS. 

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In addition, Customs and Excise data can also be recorded in the BP Batam database. 

With the efficiency of port infrastructure, Customs officers also do not need to carry out face-to-face processes with the owner of the goods. 

The service that is currently running is Single Entry for STS-FSU activities. 

Meanwhile, the Autogate and TPS Online systems are still in the process of socialization and simulation.

The next integration plan is licensing services for consumer goods and imported goods. 

( Sekar Utami)

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