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BMKG Weather Forecast Sunday, April 18, Riau Islands Light Rain, West Sumatra Heavy Rain

There are several areas in Indonesia that have the potential for heavy rain accompanied by lightning.

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Extreme weather illustration, bad weather, weather early warning - There are several areas in Indonesia that have the potential for heavy rain accompanied by lightning. 

Meanwhile, there are other areas that experience rain which may also be accompanied by strong winds. 

Reported by, Surigae Tropical Cyclone was observed to be in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines moving northwest with a maximum wind speed of 95 kt and a minimum pressure of 935 hPa. 

This system indirectly forms a confluence area that extends from northern Kalimantan to the Sulawesi Sea and the northern Pacific Ocean of West Papua. 

In addition, the system also forms a convergence area of wind speed (convergence) extending from West Kalimantan to North Kalimantan, from South Sulawesi to Central Sulawesi, from Papua to West Papua. 

The Surigae Tropical Cyclone also causes the formation of Low Level Jet (LLJ) which extends in the waters north of West Papua and in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines. 

This condition causes the growth of rain clouds around tropical cyclone systems and along areas of confluence and convergence, as well as an increase in wind speed (> 25 kts) and wave height (> 2.5 meters) around the cyclontropic system and along the LLJ. 

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Here are some areas that are predicted to have the potential for moderate rain and heavy rain which can be accompanied by lightning to strong winds, tomorrow, Sunday, April 18, 2021 to Monday, April 19, 2021: 

Areas with the potential for heavy rain and can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds:

- Aceh

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