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6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes West Pasaman, West Sumatra, No Tsunami Potential

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 rocked West Pasaman, West Sumatra, Today, Friday (2/25). Quoted from the BMKG Twitter account, the earthquake
Earthquake illustration, WEST SUMATRA -- An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 rocked West Pasaman, West Sumatra, Today, Friday (2/25). 

Quoted from the BMKG Twitter account, the earthquake occurred at 08:39:29 WIB with Loc: 0.15 South Latitude, 99.98 East Longitude (17 km northeast of West Pasaman - West Sumatra) with a depth of 10 km. 

The earthquake doesn't have the potential to cause a tsunami. 

Fault activity

The BMKG stated that the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in West Pasaman was due to the Sumatran fault activity. 

"The results of the analysis of the source mechanism show that the earthquake has a strike-slip mechanism," said the Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Bambang Setiyo Prayitno.

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The epicenter of the earthquake was located at coordinates 0.14 degrees North Latitude, 99.94 degrees East Longitude, or precisely located on land at a distance of 12 kilometers northeast of West Pasaman, West Sumatra, at a depth of 10 kilometers.

The earthquake shock was felt in the Pasaman area with an intensity scale of V MMI, that is, the tremor was felt by almost all residents, many people woke up and shocked. 

Meanwhile, in Agam, Bukitttinggi, and Padang Panjang, the intensity scale is IV MMI, which is felt by many people in the house during the day. 

In Padang, Payakumbuh, Aek Godang, and Gunung Sitoli, vibrations were felt on the MMI III intensity scale.

In Pesisir Selatan, Rantau Parapat, Nias Selatan, and Bangkinang, with an intensity scale of II MMI, the vibrations are felt by several people.

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