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Gold Price Keep Increasing, Today Price per Gram, Wednesday (28/8) Reach Rp 772.000

The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) keep increasing. Quoted from the Antam Logam Mulia website, reach Rp 772,000 per gram for today (8/28).

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Illustration of Antam's Gold - The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) was quoted from the Antam Logam Mulia website, until Wednesday (08/28/2019) with the last change at 08:11:38 even reach Rp 772,000 per gram.

This gold price increasing about IDR5,500 compared to the previous day's gold price on Tuesday (8/27) which reached IDR776,500.

Meanwhile, the repurchase price or the price obtained by the compilation of selling Antam's gold by gold bullion holders today, Wednesday (8/28) is Rp. 698,000 or increase about Rp. 4,000.

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Before reducing prices on Tuesday (8/27) back then, since Friday (8/23) the price of gold surpassed Rp. 751,000 per gram, and continued to increase until reaching the highest value in Monday (26/8) at price Rp. 774,000 per gram.

Here are Antam's gold prices in other fractions today, Wednesday (08/28/2019):

0.5 gram: IDR 410,500

1 gram: IDR 772,000

5 grams: Rp. 3,680,000

10 grams: IDR 7,295,000

25 grams: IDR 18,130,000

50 grams: IDR 36,185,000

100 grams: IDR 72,300,000

250 grams: IDR 180,500,000

500 grams: IDR 360,800,000

1,000 grams: IDR 705,600,000

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