Masjid Agung II Canceled Launch On September 20, Here's the Reasons

Launching of Masjid Agung II Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah scheduled for September 20, 2019 was get postponed. Muhammad Rudi assessing still incomplete.

Masjid Agung II Canceled Launch On September 20, Here's the Reasons
Masjid Agung II Sultan Mahmud Mosque History of Sultan Syah, located in the village of Tanjung Uncang, Batu Aji District, Batam will be completed the development in November 2019. - Launching of Masjid Agung II Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah which was originally scheduled for September 20, 2019 was get postponed.

The delayed schedule for that mosque who will launch by Vice President Jusuf Kalla because Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi assessing the progress of the work was still incomplete.

When was confirmed regarding the reason for the launch, the Head of Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning Suhar said that the work for the Cipta Karya Mosque and the contractor could actually be ready at any time.

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"If our work is ready at any time," Suhar said, Saturday (8/31/2019).

The cancellation of the launching Masjid Agung II according to Suhar, maybe because the Mayor has its own considerations.

"Perhaps there are considerations from him," Suhar told

For the building of Masjid Agung II itself, Suhar claimed the building could be completed on 10 September.

"Our scope of work, is before the 10th is completed," said Suhar.

Suhar also said, if the mosque building shortages completed on September 10, the back part of mosque will not be completed plus some equipment such as air conditioning and carpet.

"Equipment such as air conditioners and carpets are not in this year's budget," he said.

Head of Cipta Karya Office stated that for initial concept of mosque was made open, but in the midst of work, Mayor of Batam asked to change the concept, using air conditioning.

"In the middle of the process he wants to be perfect using full AC and we cannot cover it from the current budget," Suhar said.

Total budget for the construction of Masjid Agung II is Rp. 260.852.456,000, the project budget comes from the Batam City's budget called APBD .

The construction of Masjid Agung II became a multi-year project, the mosque was built from 2017 to 2019.

Masjid Raya Agung II was built on an area of ​​41,422 square meters, while the building area of ​​57,144 square meters. Masjid Agung II is able to accommodate worshipers with a capacity of 24, 536 people. (

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