Police Hold Raids, 50 Motorbike Owners Directly Trial on Site

Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019 held by Polri continues to hunt down motorists who do not obey the rules. 50 units of which directly undergo vehicle trial.

Police Hold Raids, 50 Motorbike Owners Directly Trial on Site
Judge presided trial at Barelang Police Office. After the raid, operation of Patuh Seligi was carried out, many vehicles were netted and immediately tried at the office of making SIM Lantas Barelang Police, Wednesday (04/09/2019). - Secure Vehicle Operation called Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019 held by Indonesian National Police (Polri) continues to hunt down motorists who do not obey the rules so that makes the motorists afraid if they do not have paperwork and vehicle completeness.

Moreover, operations that were carried out suddenly at several locations on the road by Traffic Unit or Satuan Lalu Lintas did not have preliminary information.

Even Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019 not only checks the completeness of vehicle and documents, but also direct violators are tried.

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Until the 5th day of operation, Batam City Police Traffic Unit called Satlantas Polres Kota Batam was held to secure 885 vehicles. As many as 50 units of which directly undergo trial in the room making of Driving License or Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM) Mapolresta Barelang, Tuesday (03/09/2019).

For motorists who do not have complete documents, both SIMs and Vehicle Number Certificates or Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan (STNK) are directed to take part in the trial.

Wakasat Lantas Polresta Barelang, AKP Kartijo said the trial in this place was the first time conducted since Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019.

"This is the first time that the trial is on set," said Kartijo.

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Head of Baur Tilang, Brigadier Mashuri, Wednesday (4/9/2019) detailed the results of vehicles that were tried as many as 50 units. With the results of this action such as, 32 units of 2 wheel vehicles,  11 pieces of STNK and 7 pieces of SIM, he explained.

This Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019 was conducted from 29 August 2019 to 11 September 2019

Because it is often carried out by Polresta Barelang together with other relevant agencies, have an impact on the interest of making a Driving License (SIM) in Mapolresta Barelang.

Based on Tribun observation, general practice Dr. Dieci Zevrianty, behind Mapolresta Barelang, was visited by people who wanted to make a SIM. One of the requirements for making a SIM is health certificate.

Until 10:10 WIB or 1 hour after it opened, the queue number was 165, and citizens who had been served were in the hundreds. This general practice only opens at 9:00 WIB.

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"Wow, it's crowded," he said.

Duration of making health certificate is not long. Less than five minutes. After health check, the doctor will make a health certificate. Furthermore, citizens pays an administration fee of IDR 40,000. ( haryati / lumbantobing wrong)

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