Caught In Camera Selling Used Shoes In Batam, Budi Sudarsono Bluntly Tells The Story

The photo of the former national striker, Budi Sudarsono, was selling used shoes making the public yammer. Here's the story!

Caught In Camera Selling Used Shoes In Batam, Budi Sudarsono Bluntly Tells The Story
Budi Sudarsono, BATAM - The photo of the former national striker, Budi Sudarsono, was selling used shoes making the public yammer in a few days. 

In fact, as a result of the photograph, Budi Sudarsono was considered to be at the lowest point of his career after deciding to retire as a footballer a few years ago.

Responding to this, the player nicknamed 'The Python Snake' also tells the actual chronology of the photograph that made the public yammer. 

"I was choosing shoes with the children in Jodoh market. And incidentally indeed there's someone who take a photo and become viral, "he said, when found in one of the hotels in the Batam City, Monday night (9/9/2019). 

Budi also confessed, he was with his foster child when it went to the Jodoh market Batam from morning to the afternoon.

As for his viral photos, Budi also didn't argue that many colleagues and media calling him.

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The parties just wanted to know what was actually happening with Budi's condition at the time.

"I understand, my friends definitely understand me. I have no problem doing any work, as long as it is Halal," he explained.

He also said, even his friends like Bambang Pamungkas and Firman Utina know the behavior of Budi who really likes fun.

Budi added, the reporting like this isn't the first time he received. 

Until today, Budi Sudarsono is still in Batam after a few days ago capturing the pride of the Batam community team, PS Batam, appearing in League 3 of the Kepri Province. 

Unfortunately, Budi failed to bring PS. Batam appeared as the champion after the final defeated by the 757 Kepri Jaya FC team. (

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