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Batam Fishermen Rejected The Ranperda Zoning, Here's The Details

Tanjung Piayu Reclamation, Sei Beduk, Batam City which dragged the governor (non-active) Kepri, Nurdin Basirun.

Machine sealing at the reclamation site in Batam, BATAM - The permission of Tanjung Piayu Reclamation, Sei Beduk, Batam City which dragged the governor (non-active) Kepri, Nurdin Basirun, while the draft of regional Regulation (RANPERDA) related to the plan zoning of coastal areas and small islands (RZWP3K) has not been authenticated by the DPRD Kepri, reap the responses. 

One of them is the chairman of DPP, the Indonesian traditional fishermen unity (Kesatuan Nelayan Tradisional Indonesia(KNTI)), Marthin Hadiwinata, a few days ago mentioned that it refused the Ranperda because it was a form of the reclamation project and did not involve the participation of fishermen. 

He also regretted the weak oversight of the Government on coastal areas and small islands in Indonesia. 

According to him, the government through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries or called Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan (KKP) does not identify the important and vulnerable areas that should be rehabilitated as a mandate of presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 121 year 2012 about rehabilitation coastal areas and small islands (RZWP3K).

According to him, Pemprov Kepri is too imposing a 114 point reclamation site that spread throughout the Kepri.

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"For mining there are four blocks of mineral mines in the form of sea sand, minerals, and oil and gas in block Karimun, Batam, Lingga, to the Natuna and Anambas special for oil and gas," he said. 

For him, from the case of bribery and gratification, Nurdin Basirun was included. 

Marthin accused that there were several things that violated the law, namely bribery of licensing in location permits and implementation permits, bribes to DPR members related to the regulation of Coastal Areas and Small Islands Zoning Plans, and there was a deception of environmental documents (AMDAL). 

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The rejection of reclamation was also expressed by the Secretary-General (Sekjen) of the People's Coalition for Justice and Fisheries (Koalisi Rakyat untuk Keadilan dan Perikanan(KIARA)), Susan Herawati.

She asked to the KPK to follow up on cases that relating to reclamation permits. 

"The zoning plan have to be canceled. Because it will be a field for corruption," she said, Tuesday (10/9/2019) night. 

Even according to her, the arrested of Nurdin Basirun with the two regional device organization or called Organisasi Perangkat Daerah (OPD) in a couple of time ago became a message that is full of meaning to all local governments in Indonesia, especially the regency/city in Kepri. ( Nusantara)

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