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Telkomsel Enterprise Encourages "Go Digital" Community of MSME Performer, To Run Business Activities

Telkomsel Enterprise invites business actors who are members of five MSME business community collaborators to improve understanding and awareness.

Telkomsel is collaborating with five communities that facilitate MSME businesses in Indonesia to strengthen the digital economic ecosystem and for supporting MSME business activities. - As tangible manifestation of consistency in playing an active role for encouraging business growth in micro and small business (MSME) business segment, Telkomsel has always been at forefront on presenting a variety of business service solutions to support business activities of SMEs in Indonesia.

These efforts are also carried out continuously by inviting SMEs to be able "Go Digital" so they have high awareness in use technology as one of supports for increasing the productivity in their businesses.

For this reason, Telkomsel Enterprise invites business actors who are members of five MSME business community collaborators to improve understanding and awareness by strengthening digital economic ecosystem that will support their business activities, one of them is through a mutual agreement to utilize the 99% Usahaku application service which will soon be officially launched by Telkomsel.

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Senior Vice President of Telkomsel Enterprise Account Management Dharma Simorangkir said "Strengthening digital economic ecosystem in MSME business activities supported by variety of digital-based business solution services, will continue to grow if it is also supported by rapid adoption of MSMEs to have an understanding and awareness of how much importance the presence of technology that can improve efficiency and productivity of their business by SMEs.

To improve MSME competitiveness, Telkomsel has also provided technological solutions and various digital innovative products to around 26,000 MSME accounts.

"For the first stage, this collaboration was carried out by Telkomsel along with five communities that facilitate MSME business people, namely Wahyoo (Warung Makan Community), Mobisaria (village community) (supply chain partner), (ecommerce) and Kisel ( Cellular Telecommunications Cooperative).

Five communities are committed to making application of 99% Usahaku that Telkomsel has prepared as one of platforms to accelerate the adoption of digital economic ecosystem in helping business development of SMEs.

At present, 99% Usahaku application will be officially launched soon by Tekomsel, and can already be downloaded on Google Play Store or via link.

99% Usahaku is an application-based service platform for MSME businesses, which provides variety of learning content (digital learning, business information articles, success stories, MSME actors), communication forum features among MSME entrepreneurs, various MSME service solutions from Telkomsel Enterprise , and access to wider market coverage and to increase sales capacity.

"We hope that collaboration with community of SMEs will ensure the accelerated adoption of digital economy in MSME segment. With the support of widest and most technologically advanced connectivity infrastructure from Telkomsel, as well as a variety of MSME segment service solutions that meet needs, Telkomsel is confident about MSME business potential will further expand and be able to increase production capacity efficiently, also be directed, "concluded Dharma. (*)

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