ATB Pipe in Bengkong Aljabar Leaks, Residents Are Confused Cause By No Water Stock

ATB pipe in Bengkong Aljabar is totally dead. This happen was due to road widening process that is currently underway and disrupted residents to shop.

ATB Pipe in Bengkong Aljabar Leaks, Residents Are Confused Cause By No Water Stock Sitanggang
ATB pipe leaked in Bengkong Aljabar - ATB pipe on the way to enter Sukaramai Bengkong Market was leaking.

Water supply to Bengkong Aljabar is totally dead. Customers expect ATB to quickly make improvements.

ATB pipe which experienced a leak at the entrance of Sukaramai Market, Bengkong Aljabar, Batam City, Province, was due to road widening process that is currently underway.

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The pipe leakage also disrupted residents who wanted to shop at Sukaramai market which is a wet market in Bengkong.

While on the other hand, ATB customers in Bengkong Aljabar did not get water supply because of the pipe leakage.

As revealed by Rina, Bengkong Aljabar resident, she was forced to go work without bathing because the water in her house did not flow. "It was from last night, but it has not been repaired," said Rina, Bengkong Aljabar resident, Friday (9/13/2019).

He said the water supply at his home did not flow starting at 22:00 WIB, until morning. "Before going to work, the water had not run yet, so I was forced to leave without bathing," said Rina.

In separate place, Rukson, who accompanied his wife shopping at her home to Sukaramai Bengkong Market, said the pipe leak at the entrance to market, made visitors hit by water spray when entering and leaving. "That water shot was pretty fast too," said Rukson.

He also said the entrance was narrow due to roadwork, making the visitors unable to avoid spraying from leaking pipes. "That could involve the spray itself being up to five meters high," said Rukson.

ATB Batam, sent a team to repair a leaky pipe suspected of being hit by heavy machinery that work on widening road in Bengkong.

"We have coordinated with field people, they are heading to the location to do repairs," said ATB Public Relations Ikhsa Batam City, Riau Islands Province, Friday (09/13/2019).

Ikhsa revealed that the pipe leakage was caused by heavy equipment that was digging for widening road in Bengkong. "It is possible that the pipe, water supply to the residents was touched by heavy equipment. That heavy equipment was still beside the leaked pipe," Ikhsa said.

He explained the impact of pipe leakage in several ATB customer areas at Bengkong Aljabar experiencing water supply disruptions. "Now the field team has gone to the location and is doing repairs. We apologize to the customers for disruption of water supply," Ikhsa said. ( Sitanggang)

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