Kepri Health Department Holds Workshop on Preparation of HR Planning Documents

Health Department through SDMK section held a Workshop on Formulation of Riau Islands Provincial Health HR to produce documents for data and planning.

Kepri Health Department Holds Workshop on Preparation of HR Planning Documents
Needs Planning Manager of SDMK Health Department for District / City at Riau Islands Province - Riau Islands Provincial Health Department through SDMK section held a Workshop on Formulation of Riau Islands Provincial Health human resource (HR) Planning Year 2019 at Aston Tanjungpinang Hotel.

This activity aims to produce documents or data and planning information on the needs of Riau Islands Province Health HR.

The document is a form of recording that can be used as evidence, which has a variety of forms, but generally the document is in form

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Other forms of documents such as sound recordings, videos, or minutes. Usually this document is used to support their description of a situation, so the position of situation is more convincing.

Documents existence is very important because of limited ability by humans.

Value at document can be very high in accordance with the importance of information it carries.

Human resources (HR) is one of the most important factors that cannot be separated from an organization, both an institution or a company. HR is also a key that determines the development of the company.

In essence, human resources in the form of people employed in an organization as a mobilizer, thinker and planner to achieve the goals of organization.

Human resources is a very important factor so it must be managed well to increase effectiveness and efficiency of organization or company.

Therefore, human resource management is a program of activities to obtain human resources, develop, maintain and utilize to support the organization to achieve its goals.

Health human resources is a very strategic matter in the health sector.

Lack of health workers in terms by number, type, and distribution can have an impact on the low level of community access to quality health services. (*)

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