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KPK Forced Open The House of Head of PUPR KEPRI, During Search The Kadis Wasn't In Place

KPK investigators are reportedly going to force open the residence of the Head of PUPR Kepri, Abu Bakar. See the cronologics! kaputra
The house of Head of PUPR Kepri Province in Teluk Keriting, Tanjungpinang., BATAM - KPK investigators are reportedly going to force open the residence of the Head of PUPR Kepri, Abu Bakar

The Information that gathered by, when KPK investigators conducted a search on 3 institutions, consisting of the Tourism Department, the Education Department, and PUPR. Only Abu Bakar wasn't seen at the time. 

When visiting his residence in the area of Jalan Usman Harun, Teluk Keriting, RT.002 / RW.011, Tanjungpinang Barat District was quiet, and only one motorized vehicle was parked in front of his house. 

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The neighbor right next to the house confirmed that a KPK had visited Abu Bakar's house. 

He conveyed, at that time the KPK team forced to enter the residence of Abu Bakar, because they didn't get an answer from a person in the house. 

While talking. One of the men left Abu Bakar's house. Asked about the whereabouts of Abu Bakar, the man who was known as Abu Bakar's younger brother replied with a smile, that Abu Bakar wasn't at home. 

"Abu Bakar isn't at home, sir. I wanna go first," he said while leaving using a white fortuner vehicle. 

When wanting to confirm this information, the head of local RT (Rukun Tetangga)  is not at home. 

So far, is confirming the Public Relations of KPK for the search. (

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