List of 6 Smog Impact Posts in Tanjung Pinang, Distribute Masks and Free Medical Treatment

Police in Tanjungpinang City established some health posts as impact of smog in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands. Here are the location and how to contact.

List of 6 Smog Impact Posts in Tanjung Pinang, Distribute Masks and Free Medical Treatment
Members of Bhabinkamtibmas Tanjungpinang Kota with City Health Department staff were on alert at Karhutla Command Post in Kampung Bugis, Thursday (9/19/2019). - Tanjungpinang Regional Police with related institutions established some health posts as the impact of smog in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands.

The command posts, which are members of Tanjungpinang City Health Department, Tanjungpinang District Police, BMKG, and Tanjungpinang City Firefighter Department will be on standby and ready to serve citizens that affected by smog.

Health post also distributes masks to citizens and handles people who experience health problems due to smog.

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The service will be provided free, aka free of charge.

"Police with related agencies established this health post aiming to help and serve citizens that get affected by smog," said Tanjungpinang Kapolres AKBP Ucok Lasdin Silalahi SIK, through Tanjungpinang Kapolsek AKP City Reza Anugrah, SIK, Thursday (09/19/2019) when officially opening the post in Bugis village area, Tanjungpinang Kota District.

For Tanjungpinang city itself, there are 6 posts that have been actively established.

There are location, and contact number that can be reach by citizens.

• Puskesmas Kp. Bugis Tanjungpinang Kota District, Mobile: 081266292336.

• Puskesmas Jl. Pancur Tanjungpinang Barat District, Mobile: 081277027706.

• Puskesmas Command km. 10 Tanjungpinang Timur District, Mobile: 081268879269.

• Puskesmas Sei Jang, Bukit Bestari District, Mobile: 081365765241.

• For severe cases, could take to Raja Ahmad Tabib General Hospital (Mobile: 081266822757) and Tanjungpinang Regional Hospital (Mobile: 081266292336).


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